2016! Happy New Year!



tfss-deff9926-b8eb-4e9d-9af4-82d570afe734-imageA year has ended and a fresh one begins. For many, New Years Eve is a day spent reminiscing on the  roller coaster we call life. Some memories come at speeding at us like an avalanche while others we search for with the help of the ones who remember the most.

2015 was a rough year for me. It was full of heart break, change, and a blur in my vision. Many cling to the dropping of the New Year ball as a reset button, giving you a chance to start fresh in all areas of your life. For me, it’s a chance to find joy in the situations of last year and be hopeful for next year.

One of the best movies I  watched this year (I watch very few movies) was Inside Out. [Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t had a chance to watch this movie, i suggest you do. If you don’t want it spoiled for you, skip these next few paragraphs.] The movie, Inside Out, is about the inner emotions of a girl named Riley and follower her from birth to teenage years. It characterizes the emotions we feel as well as the other things that go on in our minds. In the mind is where the five emotions live. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness all live in the control center. This is where memories are processed and sorted into each of the categories.

The movie starts with the emotion of joy.  Then slowly the other ones come in. As Riley grows up, she develops core memories, these are memories that become pillars in her identity. These core memories were always joyous memories The plot shifts when Sadness touches a core memory and it turns from yellow (joy) to blue (sadness). In the end Joy learns that some of the joyous memories began with a different emotion but it was turned into joy.

Before writing this, i tried to find joy in this year and it was tough. I was then reminded of a passage in The Bible

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

James 1:2-4(NASB)

After reading this, looking back at 2015 was joyous. Through all the things that happened I, first, am still alive and second, I have more wisdom than i did at the beginning of the year. Stepping forward into this new year I will be smart enough to avoid the problems I had last year and brave enough to know that this years problems cannot stop me from pursuing my dreams.

I want to encourage you, A fresh start or a new beginning isn’t  going to make your problems disappear. A refreshing wave of hope is what you need to see above your current circumstances and see that tomorrow is always brighter.



15 Things I Learned From Working At Starbucks


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Paulo Guilherme NetoPaulo Guilherme Neto

The customer is always right

You might think this is quite obvious and broad since its the rule of thumb in customer service, but the extent of customers being wrong and totally off target is probably 1 in 3. Most people who come in don’t know what exactly is it they want, so double checking their orders is a must. Thing is, even if they say their drink wrong, asking for impossible drinks, and making up random drinks that we have no idea how to make and or is not on the menu, one must always say yes. Most importantly is to not make the customer sound like he/she doesn’t know what the hell they’re trying to buy.

Make the customer happy

Similar to number 1, Starbucks is a big company. It can afford you to remake drinks and give away free drinks all the time. So…

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Saying “No”


This last month has been a roller coaster for my emotions and my mental capacity. There is a new Starbucks opening up in town and it is the same parking lot as my gym. From the moment i saw that it was being built i said that i would do anything it took to get to that Starbucks, even if i had to prophetically claim it and name it. Two weeks ago, a sudden feeling came upon me and i had the urge to ask when the store was opening, who the manager was, and talk to my boss about transferring. I was able to talk to my boss and she knows that there are no hard feelings between her and I but I really want to be at this new one. If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that I am working on a promoting inside the company i work for. The manager at this new store is one of the top managers in the district. When I went to the interview for the position she was the only manager who thought i wasn’t ready. Her reasons for this had nothing to do with how hard I work but it has everything to do with how I can coach our team and I understood her and was ready to work on it. 

Last week, my manager, after knowing how much I really want to transfer, was approached by her boss and was asked to ask if i wanted a promotion inside the store, I wouldn’t have to transfer and I’d be promoted. When she approached me with this, i felt my stomach drop and all appetite was lost, and the fear of man tried to come upon me. I knew that saying no would put a void on all the work that I put in this last year. At that moment I knew that the most important thing for me wasn’t my position but my placement. I said “No” to the promotion. The reason why is because this new store is 8 minutes away from my house, and right next to my church, and gym. 

Saying “No” can be more important than saying “Yes” because your “no” lets people know that you have feelings, Your “no” helps keep the things that you cherish with you and the things that hinder you away. When it comes to your dreams and your goals, you cannot allow anything to hinder you, One of my goals for 2014 is to gain 25 lbs in muscle, I cannot achieve that goal if i don’t go to the gym. I am very particular about the times i go to the gym and between the hours of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. you will not see me there because the crowd is obnoxious and people are messy. 



On Sunday I downloaded an app that makes me feel like a graphic designer. I feel as far as art goes anything with shapes and colors are not my thing. But this app has easily allowed me to create cool designs and I feel that I’ve made some pretty cool ones.

So far this week I’ve been so energetic in helping people create their own sources of revenue. I have one friend who makes really great pies and her and I are working on getting her into a small at home business making pies. And also I have another friend who would love to be a dog sitter. I feel like these are the things that inspire me. I am Inspired by inspiring others. It’s a great feeling and the only thing I ask is that they believe in themselves and stay committed.

As for me, I feel like I am in the beginning stages of getting to my dream. I am currently working on getting a team together consisting of creators, actors, musicians, producers, and so much more.

Also, I created a little design to use for my blog. Let me know what you all think.




These last few weeks I’ve been in a battle in my mind. This battle is the battle of isolation. A backstory about me is I used to isolate myself when things were going wrong, I used to not talk to anyone and over the course of these last few years I’ve been able to overcome it.

One of my good friends is really social, she is constantly wanting to be surrounded by people and is always ready to introduce herself to others. She’s constantly talking to people through text or calls and other social networks. Looking at this I began to compare my life to hers. I told her that as far as hanging out with people, I don’t hang out with a lot. Some weeks she is the only person I have plans to hang out with. I looked at my friends and as far as close friends I know three off the top of my head. These three are the people who know me the best and I’ve invested a lot of time into them as well. And this is when the battle began. I learned a little about life relationships vs. functional relationships. These three friends of mine are the most definite example of life relationships in my life along with a handful of others who are in my inner circle. But I began to panic because I am so used to having functional relationships because one of my problems in life is that I have a desire to always be functioning. I love being busy. I enjoy schedules that are back to back and almost nonstop. Being out of school, I’ve lost that busyness and those functional activities that force me to be surrounded by people.

Where am I going with this? I’ve come to find out, through an online test, that I am an introvert. And I don’t say this as an excuse to distance myself from people. But I say this so you can have a better understanding of who I am and why I do things. Although I am an introvert I don’t distance myself from community. Community is an important part of life because in isolation you are vulnerable to anything. In community you have people to help strengthen you. In my life I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to be in constant communication with more than five people. This isn’t because I don’t care about people but my mind can really only focus on a few people at a time. But this doesn’t limit me to only having five people in my life. I do also talk to people outside of them. And there are those moments where I have a short conversation with some people or someone will want to talk to me and I do talk to them. But as far as me initiating conversation it’s only a few at a time.

I say all this to emphasize community and show that no matter your personality, introvert or extrovert, we all need community. People help you to grow as well as people need you to grow. We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses but together we are strong.

Please let me know if bi-weekly posts are better than daily or vice versa. Feedback is also welcome. And if any of my readers have a topic they’d like to hear my thoughts on or if you want to discuss anything comment here or contact me via email jonathandumlao@gmail.com or tweet me @jonathandumlao. Also I’m gonna work on a catch phrase to end all my posts with because to a few of my friends I am “The King of One Liners.”

Star Wars


Today my friend Laura and I went to San Jose to visit the Star Wars exhibit. This exhibit contained all of the of the original models of the ships and props from the movies. I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan but I geek out over this stuff like the next person. We also got to explore the tech museum. Here are some pictures.













How have my blogs been doing? How’s the content been?

I feel as of recently it’s been hard for me to find the time in the day to write especially when the last few times I’ve fallen asleep the moment I get home. One thing I’d hate to do is deliver a post that I couldn’t fully put all my heart into.

A solution to this is that I may have to post two to three times a week instead of everyday. This will allow my posts to have better quality and it’ll be more thought out. I’d love to write one everyday but recently it has gotten hard. The daily prompts make it easy but sometimes it is hard for me to create an encouraging message out of them.