Consumed By Greatness


I spent this morning with one of my good friend Jordan, He is a man i consider to be a brother, a mentor, and my partner. With how busy both our lives are, it is always nice that we can make time to sit and talk. This morning i thought i was going into this and the outcome be a small chat about how life has been and what our next step looks like. Our meet together ended up lasting over two hours and there was no other way I could have asked for it to be. My conversations with Jordan never  have a “usual” outline, they’re never normal. i can only speak for myself, but at the end of our conversations i am more inspired and excited about life. 

Today, was not any different. Our conversation turned into a dream session. Him and I are very big on our dreams and the pursuit of them. As we ended our meeting i came to the conclusion that the easiest way to achieve greatness is to be consumed by greatness. The only way to be consumed by greatness is to be surrounded by greatness. And the only way to surround yourself by greatness is to help the people around you so they can help you. 

In life, we aren’t meant to be alone, and when i say this I am not talking about being single or taken, I am talking about the need for people in our lives. The people who are in my life are able to see things in me that I cannot see and i do the same for others. Our lives we created for love and community. Community may look different to each person but one thing that looks to same to all people in community is that there are people in common unity with each other. The common unity between my friends and I is the excitement to see each one succeed in life. Believe it or not, but you’re destined to do great things. Your life is valuable and your presence adds to the atmosphere. Surround yourself with people who bring greatness out of you. 


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