My Number One


Today’s daily prompt is to describe the person who is number one in my heart. This prompt seemed a little more appealing than what i had planned to write so I decided it would be more fun. Here we go.

The person i hold dearest to my heart is Jesus. Through life’s ups and downs He’s been right beside me. He’s been my number one fan cheering me on to get through the most difficult of times and my best friend to celebrate the easiest of times. I’m going to share with you my story of how i met Jesus.

My first encounter with Jesus was when i was 16 years old, a whopping 9 years ago, My cousins invited me to a summer camp that they go to every summer, During the first day i was introduced to many people all happy and all fun. Night came and it was time for the first service. I entered the service not knowing what i was getting into with the only thing on my mind was which one of these girls would i spend the week pursuing. The speaker that night was Donnie Moore, an awesome lover of God and a great father, I don’t remember much of the message, but i do remember the invitation to meet Jesus at the end. There was a tug on my heart, It felt as if every void in my heart knew where it could be filled. Every pain in my heart knew where joy was and wanted me there so i ran up to the front. I remember how much i was into collecting sneakers and how i didn’t want to mess my shoes up so getting on my knees was already a sacrifice but i did it anyway. While i knelt there i felt overwhelmed by love and i knew life was going to be different. 

As the week continued i met great people and had a life changing experience. This experience was so life changing i asked if i could spend the rest of my summer in Stockton to go to church with my cousins. towards the end of the summer i had to go back home, One negative thing about home was i had no influence in church so i almost went back to my old ways. 

After high school, due to some unfortunate events, i found myself moving into my cousins house in Stockton. When i first moved here, there was hatred for this place. I was taken away from all my friends to move to a city where i know no one. No part of my being was pleased with this situation. Church activities were almost forced upon me, my uncles church was meeting in houses and just go a new sound system and my uncle just put me in charge of it, I had no idea what any of this stuff was, all i know is i hated it. A few weeks later my cousin Miriam decided to take us to Sonics for some food and a Bible study, The message was great and towards the end i dedicated my life to Jesus, This was about 6 years ago. From that moment on, my life was different, i was pursing Jesus and you could tell in my life. I was happier, i didn’t always look like i hated everything, and i was enjoying church. I began experiencing who Jesus is and it blew my mind. 6 years later, I’m seeing Jesus heal cancer, heal peoples back pain. and work the most insane miracles. And i wouldn’t trade Him for the world. 


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