Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I feel as if the end of this year has snuck up on me. It might be because the excitement of 25 overwhelmed me more than a holiday I’ve grown to become very opinionated about. Earlier in the year I had played around with the thought of spending Christmas alone this year. I didn’t plan it to be isolated from my family but to have a complete day off, and spend it in active rest. The day is approaching quickly and I’ve yet to be fully set on staying home or going with the family to Richmond.

On different note, I’m sitting here reflecting on the past Christmas get togethers and I my mindset is shifting. Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the savior of the Earth. And one aspect about Jesus’ life that was highlighted was that he never held anyone to the standard of their current lifestyle, title, or situation, He saw them as they were created and destined to be. As I thought about how I view people, I was even more convicted than ever. I sat there and forgave people who’s wrongs I never fully felt hurt by but had it on the back burner and when I’d see them I’d hold them to those wrongs as if it were their identity.

Whatever I decide to this holiday, I’ve made a commitment in my heart to never treat people based on what they’ve done or where they’re from but to treat people with honor. To empower every person who I encounter to pursue their dreams, to be the best person they could be, to never settle for their current situation, and to keep pushing the envelope. It’s going to be a crazy fun journey. I’m excited to see the fruit this bares.


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