Press on


When you’re in search of watermelons and life hands you lemons, what do you do? 

I say watermelon because it is my favorite fruit and lemons are not my favorite fruit. I use this analogy to give you a visual example of what your goal is and what is being given to you, And when life throws things at me that I have no desire for I’ve learned that there is only one acceptable option, to press on.

Too often we settle for what life gives us instead of what we want in life. The defining points in our lives are not when we’ve made our greatest achievements but when we’ve reached our all time low. How we respond in the worst situations will show our true character. It’s easy to sit on top of a mountain but it isn’t easy to climb one. 

I could say 2013 hasn’t been my best friend. There were many times where i encountered heart breaking situations, hearing things i didn’t want to hear, felt as if everything i was doing was pointless, and wanted to give up. Starting at the beginning of the year my low kept going lower and lower until i decided to stop letting it fall like a landslide. Eight months ago, I made a decision to not settle for what life was giving me and to not end the year the way it started. As of today, I am having one of the best years I’ve had in a while. Six months ago, i completed bible college and became an ordained minister. This being one of my greatest achievements. And three months ago, I made a decision to pursue a higher position at my current job. This is only a portion of my life that has been getting better. The best part, is that i have wonderful friends who stand by me. Friends who hold me accountable to the person i was created to be. Friends who encourage me to break limitations and raise the bar.  Without them a lot of the good in my life never would’ve manifested, 

In your journey for watermelons, use the lemons life throws at you to make lemonade to refresh you throughout your journey. Don’t allow negative situations to hinder your growth as a person. 


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