I just finished a crazy day at work. One terrible thing about the holiday season is that people are always getting sick. To everyone who follows me my best suggestion to you is eat your vegetables and stay hydrated. I’ve learned this past year that it is important for our bodies to be getting nutrients only found in vegetables also to cut back on the meat (this sucks, but it is helpful). Daily vitamins don’t cut it, you need vegetables. Anyway I will stop with my rant there. 

Starting this blog i could’t decide the schedule of how often i wanted to post but when the first weekend came and i posted on Saturday and Sunday I decided that everyday i will post something. And i will by no means post something for the sake of posting but i will ensure that I am constantly delivering a quality read that you can take and be inspired. 

Back to the topic of work. At my job i feel as if my coworkers don’t have the passion or the drive that i do. I know some people feel that my boss favors me over them but i promise that i don’t suck up or do anything other than be a team player. My boss is well aware of my desire for promotion and development and her and i work on this stuff everyday i work. But recently things at work have been feeling like a downward spiral. Our store has only been open for 3 months and I can already tell that people there dislike each other and some people don’t even care for the team. These things make it feel as if I am the only person, other than my boss, who cares for our team and desires to see our team and store succeed. 

So as I was working I was feeling really down and discouraged but I worked quietly my brain was roaring. And in it’s roar, I came to realize that the work of others should not determine the quality of my work. I do realize that not everyone is as cheerful as I am and i do realize that not all people are as passionate about this job as i am but i refuse to allow a negative atmosphere to thrive any place i go to. So I’m making it a point to ensure that all my partners, passionate about the job or not, work in a negative atmosphere. I am going to do all i can to create an atmosphere full of joy at my workplace. 

Success is obtained through an atmosphere of joy. 


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