Before the sun


Before getting into what I want to write about, I’d like to give you all a little contextual information about my life. I am an avid gamer. I don’t view games in the same light as the older people in my life being a waste of time or lazy, I see it almost as a sport. there is a lazy side to it, your room is dirty, your gaming area is trashed, and you lack responsibility. In my life it isn’t like that, I feel like I am always busy working or serving at church that a lack of responsibility is way out of the picture. My view on video games is that they can be beneficial to your brain, for example, I don’t know if you’re an OG iPhone user as i am myself, back in the days before landscape mode texting and the GPS didn’t swivel around with a compass or tell you the direction you’re headed. Yes, the struggle was real for us pioneering the iPhone movement. You’re probably asking how this relates to the topic of video games. Well, I’ve been in cars where people tried to use the iPhone as their GPS and get frustrated at what they’re looking at and how it doesn’t talk to you. As a humble brag, I am really good at using the iPhone’s GPS and the reason behind this, Grand Theft Auto. Yeah, the mini map on there was no walk in the park but learning to use that really helped in real life. There are more examples that I’d like to defend my case of gaming, but I’d like to keep the ball rolling.

Now you know my view on video games, the good and the bad. After i finished school, I realized that there was nothing to fill my time with, especially in the summer when there is nothing to do ever, so i’d wake up and turn on my Xbox. I wouldn’t say that isolation was my goal, but i feel as if i isolated myself from a lot of friends over the summer due to me falling into the dark side of the gaming world. The bad thing about gaming is that the prime time for optimal competition is usually between the hours of 9 pm to 3 am PST. I feel this is due to all the great parents who give their children bed times but forget to check the age rating on games. So my summer consisted of late nights, sleeping at 2 am was probably average and it was always after midnight. I feel into the dark side, my room was messy and I stopped reading, it just got really bad. towards the end of October, i made a commitment to stay away from video games for a while get my life back in order and focus my attention back to things that i was passionate about, other than video games.During my fast from video games, I slowly starting moving closer to my normal sleeping schedule, sleeping between 11 pm and midnight.  

Now, two months later, 10 pm seems like a reasonable time for bed. A year ago if anyone told me this I’d call them a square and tell that person they’re crazy. But I don’t know if the reason i feel this way is because I am slowly maturing into a middle aged young man or if I’ve made myself so used to not playing video games that unless I am studying 10 pm is bed time. And with my job sometimes i work at 7 am sometimes i work at 2 pm, my starting time varies but i mainly stay around 7 am to 10 am start time. And lately it’s felt that no matter the hour i need to be at work, 10 pm is the time to sleep. 

Also, another reason that I enjoy sleeping at 10 pm is because the earlier you sleep, the earlier you’re awake. I love sleep dearly, but i despise sleeping in especially sleeping in past 9 am, it makes me feel as if the day has been wasted. But waking up early has great benefits, especially for introverts who need alone time or people who enjoy the serenity of everyone around them still being asleep. I’ve always lived by the saying “the early bird catches the worm.” For me to sleep in past 9 am is a crime to my health and my sanity. First because i feel anymore than 8 hours of sleep is too much and 6-7 hours are the ideal hours for me.

I strongly advise everyone to be in a routine of sleeping at a reasonable time and waking up early. First reason being, an adequate amount of sleep is crucial to a healthy life, while there is an adequate amount there also is such thing as an excess amount of sleep, you’ll know this exists because you’ll sleep 10-12 hours and feel as if your sleep was robbed, why? Your body needs nutrients and water, you’re going a long time with out water and one sign of being dehydrated is being tired or sleepy. My second reason for a great sleeping routine is in the morning, there is more time for you to have uninterrupted productivity, unless you plan on vacuuming your house or practicing drums. If you enjoy a great inspirational morning read, waking up early is the best thing for you, You’re dressed up and ready to go before anyone is awake giving you ample time to make a cup of coffee at home or go to your local coffee shop, drink a cup of coffee and read something inspirational, now on a side note, no matter what time you wake up, water should be the first drink of the day, it is a million times healthier for you than anything you can drink first thing in the morning, coffee has a reverse effect when you’re not properly hydrated. And my third but not last reason for a great sleeping schedule is you’ll never be late. I make it a point to wake up at least 2 hours before i have to be anywhere even if it takes only thirty minutes to get ready i like to ensure that i am fully awake, and that i arrive early. When i was younger a teacher once said, “You’re on time when you’re early and you’re late when you’re on time” and that has never left my heart. I also feel like it shows maturity when you make an effort to arrive someplace earlier than needed as well as it gives you less stress because you’ll never have to speed to get anywhere to get mad at traffic lights for being red for too long. 

I’d love to hear your views on sleep and sleeping in. Post a comment below and let us discuss!


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