You’re a winner


Today was very uneventful due to the fact that i was asked to stay at work because of all the people calling out. dear world, holiday or not, you can sacrifice fast food for some vegetables and you could probably stop drinking soda and drink water. It would be wonderful if you were healthy! /endrant. 

Today’s daily prompt is “You’re A Winner” asking me to describe what i’d do with after winning 1 billion dollars tax free. I figured this is a perfect prompt for me to let you all inside my brain just a little more. So let’s dive into this!

After starting this i realized that 1 billion dollars would be more than enough to fund this dream that I have, so after that, I’d invest in my family, I wouldn’t buy anyone any material item that isn’t profitable but I’d invest in their dreams and figure out a way for each of them to make money doing something they’re all strong in. Somethings I’d probably have going on would be a restaurant, a coffee shop, a LAN center, a music studio and farm land. After each of those, I only project I’d spend 1 million for each person dream, I’d donate a lot to the two churches that helped me become that man I am today. And then I’d probably still have a lot of money left and a lot of money incoming so I’d rest. 

Oh and I wouldn’t tell a single person about the money. And now I will explain my reason for that; Money isn’t evil, but people do evil things for the pursuit of money. I know that some people react to a wealthy person’s conversation differently, Their mind could be focused on “what can i get from this person, how can he help me?” The “me” mindset never helps anyone and as much as i enjoy helping people and giving to people, i refuse to allow someone to live in a “woe is me” mindset and feels that everyone should just give him or her everything leaving no room for his or her personal effort. Everyone is capable of success, but not everyone has been taught how to be successful. In the midst of the struggle you find purpose. Without the journey the destination has no value. With this said, if i showed up to someone and said “Hey I’ve got a billion dollars, how much do you want?” The money he/she asked for has no value because it cost him/her nothing. Now, if i went to someone and said “what are your dreams?” and continued to converse with him/her about it and exploring the depths of his/her heart and imagination. I’d be able to start a relationship where I’d be able to partner with this person instead of giving him/her everything with little to no contribution from his/her side. 

Ending this i realized this may not have made the most sense to everyone but in my mind it does. Hopefully you can understand how my brain processes things. These prompts are really fun because I get a topic and i get to write it makes me think and i enjoy thinking. 


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