Time, we all have the same amount, and we all wish we had more. It’s important that we use our time wisely. In this post i want to focus on the time we spend on our friendships. While there are five love languages, there is one currency of relationship and that is time. The time you put into a relationship will determine the strength and quality of it. I am at the age where life enters a critical transition. First, I’ve developed a few friendships that i know will be with me for life. Second, while I am still pretty young, I am also on that fence crossing over actual adulthood, and by actual adulthood i mean, providing. While it’s one thing to provide for myself, pay my bills, feed my stomach, it is another to provide for a wife, to provide for a family. Many of my friends are getting Married, engaged, or have found the man or woman of their dreams, while I, for the first time, am enjoying my season of singleness and investing time in the friends i know who will go through the rest of my life with me. The holiday season has done it’s share of throwing loneliness my way but I’ve managed to not let it affect me. I’ve learned to enjoy life. Enjoy life with the people you already have so you’ll be full of joy when the people meant to be in your life enter. Enjoy the little moments where words may not be said, but the time spent together, whether one on one or a group, time is time and use your time to make sure that it is spent edifying your relationships. Life is too short for us to hold grudges and harbor bitterness, disputes and disagreements will always be there, but those don’t define the relationship, how you handle those define the relationship.


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