Happy Birthday George



Happy Birthday to one of my best friends George Crosthwaite. Four years ago I started school hardly knowing any of the people there, George being one of them. As the year progressed my friendship with him became stronger and over the summer our friendship went to doing everything together.

George has been and still is one of the best influences in my life. No one challenges me to leave my comfort zone as much as George. I remember going to him with problems expecting a “it’s all gonna work out” but that’s never what I got. I always got questioned to bring out the root of my problems. I am definitely thankful for him being in my life and helping me push the envelope and grow.


Think Generational


One of the most influential men in my life is named Matt Gonzales and something he always told us was “Your yes will echo in eternity.” This statement summed up the idea that everything you do will have its effect on the generations to come after you, so don’t live for yourself but live for the generations that are to come. Leave them something great. What you do today echos in eternity. The seeds you plant today, good or bad, will eventually grow. 

I remember the first time i went to a church as a teenager my cousins invited me out to watch a play they were in. I remember none of it but one scene. The scene took place around a table with men in robes lined with gold and wore fancy hats. I remember none of the words from the play but one phrase from one of the songs and the phrase was, “I want to leave a legacy.” The only thing running through my mind was the desire to live a life of value, to leave a legacy, to do something great. That night I left inspired to live a great life. I don’t think I was the only person who was moved by that song but i praise God for the writer of that song because his creativity will leave it’s effect on generations after generations. 

I am thankful for people who believed in me these last six years. It wasn’t up until six years ago did i start believing my life had any worth and now I believe that by the end of my life I will be leaving behind something great for my children’s children. I am learning that the thoughts i think, the things i do, the way i act, and my mannerisms will affect my generational line. This really makes me stop to think about my life and what I want my life to be known by. How my grandchildren hear about my life and what major things they’ll know about me.

I want to encourage you to take time to make a list of the things you want to leave behind for the generations to come after you. How will your life benefit theirs?  

Focus Shift


This weeks schedule has been a little crazy, our store in the last three weeks has lost 4 people and it has definitely been weird. A lot of these people are night shift people and I am one of those flexible ones so my shifts are everywhere. And a lot of my shifts this week are nights. My church has an event this Wednesday night and last week my boss was on vacation so she posted the schedule early so I couldn’t request the day off. After confirming we are playing for worship I immediately put all my attention in switching my shift. No one at my store could do it and it was almost stressing me out. I ran out of options. So I prayed, and God came through with a brilliant idea. That store I worked at last week I needed to get my tips from there and I told my friend who was working and immediately a girl from across the room yelled “I’ll take it!”

God is good! Most of the time we spend too much time focused on our problems that we don’t see any solutions. Today I shifted my focus onto the goodness of God and within 10 minutes everything was solved. When tomorrows problems come your way, focus your mind on solutions rather than the size of the problem and you’ll see those problems disappear.



Well this morning started off not so pleasant, both my brother and I came down with some kind of sickness. It was not cool. After I called in sick from work, which I’ve only done one other time, I went straight for my bed and stayed there. 10 hours later I’m still in bed. Haven’t eaten much but I am feeling a little better. Hopefully tomorrow I wake up feeling 110%.

I’d like to make a special thank you to my friend Laura. She came through with the Gatorade and a movie and some quality time. She also came with soup that I didn’t get to eat. She is a really good friend.

Although I was tired to my bones, couldn’t eat, and could barely drink, I had a great day.

Dealing with Heartbreak


Heartbreak, it’s not the most pleasant thing for a person to go through and it’s not easily avoided. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaking moments and I’ve learned that the defining point if heartbreak is what happens after, what you do next.

To completely avoid your heart from breaking is to live a life without risk. To live a mediocre life in where there is no possibility of a high moment or a low moment. While this sounds so dull, people do live like this and the only thing that excites them is when their local barista gives them smiley face on their coffee cup.

When you’re living a life of achieving great things you’re also living a life of great risk. Recently Diana Nyad, at the age of 64, became the first person to swim from Cuba to the shores of Key West in Florida. It was a grueling 53 hour swim through waters infested with sharks and jellyfish. This was a goal she had for 35 years that she completed on her fifth attempt. Her first four attempts were unsuccessful in the sight of the goal but they were leading experiences for her. The first time she went with a giant cage to protect her from sharks but it didn’t protect against jellyfish. She gave up the dream. For the next 35 years she was sitting on her dream. Something triggered in her and she started training again, the next three attempts we all learning experiences involving jellyfish stings, weather conditions, and her body’s physical condition. At last her fifth attempt was successful.

When you let heartbreak become the force that stops your dreams, you end up sitting on your dream for 35 years. Diana Nyad gave up after the first attempt but after the second, third, and fourth she didn’t. I shared her story not to pick at the fact that she waited until she was 60 to do something so epic or gave up for 35 years but I share it with you so you can be inspired. If a 64 year old woman can swim that far, what can you do? She has proven that your age is simply a number not a limitation. Imagine the possibilities if she had not given up after the first attempt.

We all experience heartbreak, don’t let it confine you, but when it happens aim to come out of the other side stronger so that you can defined by your strengths.

Growing Up


Today I saw a quote on my feed that said “you ain’t growing up if you ain’t losing friends.” It was such a harsh quote but there is so much truth in this statement. We often mistake growing old for growing up but maturity isn’t defined by age but by the ability to hold off self gratification with the intent of prioritizing the important things.

While the statement about losing friends is harsh, it is so true. In our schooling years we encounter many people. People who share the same interests, people who we are forced to be around, and people who we have no idea why they’re our friend but it works. Every person in your group has a destiny of their own, dreams if their own, and plans of their own. Maturity is being ok with the effects of an adult life, job, family, and other responsibilities. Some people we meet decide that there is no direction for their life and choose to bring others down that path. Growing up and losing friends isn’t a matter of bickering but of different Interests. A friend who wants to live an average life won’t inspire you or motivate to press forward. Some times cutting off a friendship is the difference between finding your spouse or not. Your life is too valuable to allow people to hold you back.

Outside of Comfort


This morning I worked earlier than I normally work, at 6:30 a.m. and to top it off I was at a different store. I was in an unfamiliar place.

This store I worked at this morning is twice as busy as my home store and not running a certain deployment that I am used to. The shift felt painstakingly long due to the fact that I could only stand there because I didn’t know how they like to clean things or when they clean things. All I knew is that I had to put my customers first, and that’s what I did.

I came up with this joke a few months ago; What came first, the chicken or the egg? And no matter the answer I say “wrong! The customer, the customer always comes first!”

In the midst of putting the customer first I am always thinking, how, in these 30 seconds, can I make sure this person has a great day? And I do what ever it takes to make sure they leave an interaction with me feeling better than when they first got there.

How many people will you come across throughout your days? How many small windows of opportunity to make someone have a great day will show up through out your day? Having a great day is a battle in the mind, a choice you make the moment you fall asleep the night before or the morning of. You get to choose to have a great day and because of your choice, people around you will reap the effects of it. Some people choose to have bad days by spending all their energy on things that are going wrong. How can we turn people’s day around in 30 seconds or less?