I don’t know about you, but for me, the days between the start of the year and tonight felt as if they were extended. I almost feel like i am two weeks into 2014 when it hasn’t even been a week. This week i was greeted with some great news i didn’t feel ready to share.

In 2008 i got hired at Starbucks. At the time I had no idea what i was doing and the only thing i knew was I need money and I am bored. So i went to school and got a job. I went to the community college here in Stockton. Since i just moved here a 5 months before starting school I had zero friends so i got used to isolating myself with poetry and my lovely iPod. This all changed when I got tired of wasting my time and money and wanted to put my time and effort into something worth pursuing, so I joined Kingdom Culture School of Ministry.

Six years later, I am still at Starbucks, why you ask? It has been a terrific company to work for, while people can be unreasonably picky over a luxury that is treated as a necessity, the majority of people are nice. It has been an excellent job as far as flexible availability and great benefits. Being in school flexibility has always been my favorite part, not to mention getting raises all the time.

The closer i got graduating, the most popular question would become more and more real, “What next?” I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. In March i was sitting down reading, praying, and conversing with God, I was asking about what is next, what are we going to do? The only thing i knew i had passions for was recording and producing music, and preaching the love of Jesus. But then, i started getting visions of what was going to happen, the place I’d call my “dream come true” I wont reveal that to you yet, but it is big.

A few months pass and only a few people know my dream and I am thinking of practical things i can do to start walking my dreams out, so I’d record music on the side, record songs with my friends, write songs, etc. As far as money went, I was still at Starbucks. Throughout my life at Starbucks, the fire for the desire to move up in the company was kindled a total of 4 times. The first two times I couldn’t due to me getting a new manager each time and the third time I couldn’t because of school and how I don’t have the availability to work full time. But this fourth time was different, I had people believing in me and people pushing me. So I went for it. I have been practicing for promotion and been in communication with my manager about it and she believes in me as well.

This promotion would be a great opportunity for me to learn how a business is run as far as cost of labor, profit and loss, and also make use of the great leadership skills I’ve acquired from KCST.

Earlier this week, my boss brought up my promotion and it excited me. What she asked was “how would you feel about having an interview with our district manager?” I in a completely confident way hiding any nervousness said “good.” So she believes i am ready and her and I will be working on my answers as well as getting me to look more at numbers and such. I will keep you all posted about this.


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