Your Most Critical Moments


Have you ever felt like giving up? Felt like what you’re doing is pointless and you’re not progressing or getting any better?

Well tonight, I just didn’t feel like being a guitarist. But earlier this morning, i received a prophetic word about an acceleration happening in my music and I got really excited. Now you’re probably thinking, are you practicing guitar? My problem right now isn’t in my skill as a guitarist but my experience as a musician. I haven’t been focusing on my guitar but focusing on my ears. Learning to hear different intervals, learning to hear the difference between a major and a minor chord and being able to hear melody lines and play them. So i guess you can say that I felt like giving up on being a musician. 

After receiving a great word about my skill as a musician being accelerated and then feeling like quitting is not an uncommon thing. All of heaven believes in you and knows where you’re headed in life and knows your ultimate destiny, if you choose to follow the path God has in store for you. But not only does heaven know your ultimate destiny, hell does too and wants to do everything possible to get you away from that path. 

The moments you feel like quitting, especially after something great has happened, are your most critical moments. These are the moments that’ll help define and shape your character as well as add value to your sacrifice. I said a few posts back that vision gives pain a purpose. While you’re on the path to the ultimate vision of your dreams coming to life, those moments you decided to continue pursuing your dreams instead of giving up and quitting will be stepping stones that made you stronger, more wise, and one step closer to the finish. 

With this said, you’re going to have your high moments as well as your low moments. My advice to you is to not settle for your highest moment and don’t give up in your lowest. Rejoice in what you’ve achieved and rejoice for what you’re on the verge of achieving. Your best days haven’t passed they’re still to come. No matter what this world can throw at you, make everyday your best day yet. 


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