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Today’s daily prompt is a good one, so I’ll write on it. It is asking when and where i do my best thinking. I feel as a person who is constantly thinking, this will be a great one. 

Here is a link to the prompt. (I think this is how you “pingback” I have no idea if it’s right but let us move onward)


I’d say my life is moderately busy and that is how i like it. Busy but not to the point where I can’t manage anything or make anytime for fun or spontaneous events. I am constantly on the go from work, church, gym, or some other thing that has taken a chunk of my time and the moments i think best are in my down times or the times when i don’t have much going on. The shower and in the car. 

The shower because I am normally awake before anyone in my family and it is quiet and secluded. I’d say I spend this time to think, but I also spend it trying to wake up for the day. This time is great because its 10-15 minutes of auto pilot movements which makes plenty of space in my brain for a whirlwind of ideas to come to life, for me to reflect on the nights dreams, or even to get myself excited for the day ahead of me. 

The car. In the wonderful city of Stockton CA, the roads seem as if they are the same distance no matter where you start and where you finish, it seems like a 15-20 minute drive is what should be expected. A few years ago i read a book by John Maxwell and it was about leadership and one of the things that really struck me was how i use my time, he wrote about how he’d make important phone calls while in the car, or spend that time praying, productively using one of our biggest time consuming activities. He said he stopped listening to music and did these things. I tried it, and i loved it, so now it’s what i do. I normally drive 15 minutes to and from work, and those are great thinking times. And as far as writing down my thoughts, we have made great technological advances and the iPhone comes fully equipped with a voice recorder! 

Anytime I am doing an activity that requires minimal brain effort, I am thinking about things. I have learned that I need to take every thought captive, because I can’t afford to have a thought in my head that instills fear or doubt about my life, my dreams, or my goals. This is thing I’ve made as a core value in my life, A great man by the name of Bill Johnson said “I cannot afford to have a thought in my head that doesn’t align with how God sees me.” And ultimately God knows my destiny and goals, so anything that doesn’t align with Him, doesn’t align with my goals. 

At work, I am constantly thinking about how things can be redone, or thinking about how the day is going to be run and how i can help my partners become better at their job, motivated, and in a constantly awesome mood. 


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