Somewhere in the scientific universe a scientist with a degree in something i cannot pronounce will confirm, laughter truly is medicine to the soul. Life is too short to spend the rest of it too uptight. While we do need to be serious about our work and achieving our dreams, laughter will keep us sane. 

I play guitar for the band at church and our weekly practice days are normally two days a week. As a band we’ve made a commitment to excellence. Most of us desire to do something with music in the future so we all push each other to get better. We all have jobs and things we do outside of the band and on our practice days, the junk we felt from work and through our day unintentionally gets brought to practice and it really has its effect on the atmosphere. There will be a turning point in our practice will be when something happens and a smile from someone is cracked, then the smile turns into laughter and the mood of the team completely shifts.

Take time to smile and take time to laugh. Don’t allow the joy you have to be taken my any momentary disappointment or tiredness. Laughter is refreshing.  


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