This is blog lives in the internet and can reach the whole world if possible. Over the course of the week I’ve had a few people tell me that they enjoy my blog and that they’re inspired by it. When this was told to me it encouraged me to keep going and it made the fire stronger. So I’d like to start this post off by saying thank you to all of you who read this. I do want to encourage you all to comment and interact with me on here because interaction and talking is fun. Thank you all for the encouragement. 

Today i feel wiped out. physically drained and mentally tired not because of writing this blog but because this week has been tough. I started the day working at 6:45 a.m. this is a weird time for me because I normally don’t start until 7 a.m. (I am aware i sound like I am crying over 15 minutes, but i am not). I’ve worked at 6 a.m. before and I’ve been to the gym at 4 a.m. but today was strange because I had the hardest time staying awake. I worked my shift and had lunch with a good friend of mine. He is a brother, mentor, and friend who i hold dear to my life, He also works with me. Outside of work our conversations are always leaving me inspired to learn. From our talk today an important subject came up, “the fear of man is a snare.” He is a pastor at his church and he shared with me his experience with this and we just started discussing. I feel this is an important subject that I needed to share with you all. 

In life there are usually two options, fulfill your dreams or fulfill someone else’s dreams. It is common, if you choose to fulfill you dreams, that people will come against it. This is especially true to those people who go against the grain of the world and want to change it for the good. I live in Stockton, California and I love this city. My heart is to see this city transformed from the city with the highest crime rate to a city with the happiest people, a city known for it’s generosity, and a city known for all the great people that will come from here. Rarely do i ever hear good news about the city from people around me and when i tell them that my heart is to see this city prosper i get criticized so often for it but I’ve made it a point to press forward even when someone says it cannot be done. There are plenty of things that we labeled as “couldn’t be done” that are possible today. 

I spent a good month on learning how to deal with the praise and rejection of man and in this month I learned that praise from man isn’t what I live for, I live to fulfill my destiny. Don’t fear what people will say. I used to live life with the mentality of “what will they think if i do this?” but the reality is “how much closer to my destiny is this going to bring me?” Criticism might be painful but a little bit of pain won’t kill you because at the end of pain is where success lives. 


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