Today’s daily prompt is to describe our favorite hero when we were five and what we think that hero now.

Daily Prompt: Heroic

When I was five years old I didn’t have one favorite super hero I had a team, the ninja turtles. I feel like my love for pizza is rooted in my love for the ninja turtles. But I thought the ninja turtles were the most amazing thing, skateboards, karate, pizza, and kowabunga, life doesn’t get any better. Out of the four, my favorite was Leonardo. He was always the coolest one and he used a sword which was pretty cool. And also Michelangelo was so cool I remember when my younger brother was born I asked my mother if I could name Michelangelo. The best I got was his middle name being Michael. Hashtag close enough.

Now, I feel I’ve grown my ninja turtles phase. They’ll always be the coolest heroes in my heart but now I don’t watch many movies or shows about heroes other than Once Upon A Time.


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