Another week down


The first full week of the year is drawing to an end. Take a second an examine your week. What did you learn from it? What can you learn from it? 

This week i learned that I need to enjoy more of my downtime. I spent this week at work for the majority of it and not enjoying my days off. Those times are very crucial because when you’re well rested your strength is replenished and your mind is at ease. I felt like towards the end of the week, especially in my blog posts, that it was hard to relax my mind. 

This coming up week, I asked for a few days off to go to a conference in Sacramento. The last time i asked for some days off, i was scheduled 20 hours in three days. This week I am scheduled 17 in three days. At first i was irritated but i took a step back and thought about how much my life needs this lighter work schedule. In the Bible there is a passage that says “everything works together for good for those who love God and are called by his purpose,” Romans 8:28. This is the scripture that helps me get through everything with a positive outlook. When things happen that on the surface don’t seem favorable i take a step back and see how this is a favorable position. I get to enjoy more time off and i get to enjoy resting. 


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