Reality is great but a fantasy get away always sounds amazing. Some people stimulate their imaginations in different ways. Some enjoy fictional book, some enjoy movies, some television, and others enjoy video games. What ever it is, keep your imagination moving, In my case, my imagination helps to keep my sanity through a busy day full of crazy people and crazy events. When i can draw a simple picture, write a simple poem or story, or when I can play a video game and create anything I want, an overwhelming feeling of excitement consumes me. 

While it is necessary for you to keep your imagination fed and active, it is also necessary to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. We must be aware of what we are feeding our imagination, the things we look at, the things we devote our time to thinking about, and the things we listen to. And we also must discern when the thing we are watching, listening to, or doing, is having a negative effect on our imagination. If you feel like you’re called to a season of being faithful and obedient, then you should stay away from things that could cause you to fall from that path. 

This week, i challenge you to allow your imagination to grow and expand. Let it soar like an eagle while also taking a step back to see those things that have a negative effect on your imagination.


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