Google Dictionary defines tolerate as allowing the existence, occurrence, or practice of with out interference. In life there are many happenings throughout each day. Things that have no effect on our lives and things that have an effect on our emotions, our health, and other areas of our lives.

For the last four years a statement that I’ve held dear to my heart is “what you make room for, you become.” In other words, what ever you tolerate, you become. In this journey of life, I am constantly having to go back to this statement when things in my life arise. One thing I am learning to make no room for is mediocrity. One thing I never strive for is perfection but I do aim to do everything in excellence. I believe when you’ve given your all to pushing limits and breaking barriers to achieve something great then you’ve left no room for mediocrity. Never settling for where you’ve climbed but to keep pressing forward, reaching new heights, and not looking back. 

We can’t allow anything in our minds that doesn’t encourage us to keep going to the next level or build us up. This goes for negative thoughts, The phrase “I can’t” has no place in the mind of someone wanting to do great things. Because if you’re willing to say “I can’t” to overcoming a small problem, how can you trust yourself to not say “I will” when it comes to overcoming huge road blocks? 

Also, our tolerance for negative people has to be ultra limited. I know we are called to have love for all people, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow all people to have a place of influence in our thought life. Whenever I am surrounded by negative people, My heart immediately holds on to previous promises and achievements that way no matter what a negative person tries to tell me, i have proof of what my destiny is. 

What are some things in your life you’ve had an unhealthy tolerance for lately? How can you cut them out?


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