Being thankful is the fastest way to turn your day around. A lot of our moods will be based on our thoughts. The emotion we are focusing all our thoughts towards will begin to manifest in everything we do simply because we are so focused on it that it’s all we see. Most of the time we are thankful for the great things in life, the things that bring us joy, and the the place we’ve come from so we can focus on how good we have it now. 

These last few days at work, I went in with a terrible mood. It may be based on me normally being at work early in the morning. Since i wake up around 6 a.m. every morning, going to work at 4 p.m. is a drag. I get there tired and grumpy because all i want to do is sleep. Yesterday I let my emotions get the best of me and I ended up leaving work early which i was very thankful for. Today on the other hand, i decided not to go to work in that kind of mood. I shifted my thoughts on how cool the people I was working with are, how awesome I make lattes, and how good our new pastries are. I became thankful! I cracked a few jokes and my mood became instantly better. 

Take time out of you day to be thankful for something in your life, You may not be at the exact place you want to be, but be thankful that the place you’re in is a place where you have an opportunity to learn and grow. You may have bills that prevent you from going to the bar with your friends, but be thankful that you’re learning how to prioritize and you’re becoming responsible. You may not have that person in your life who you know is going to be your spouse, be thankful for your single season because you’ll never get it back and the things you learn while single will definitely have a great effect on your married life. There is so much out there to be thankful for, shift your focus on the good things by being thankful and watch as your day unravels itself to being excellent. 


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