This last weekend at Jesus Culture, I remember standing there during worship and felt nothing, I remember standing completely emotionless staring at the ceiling and immediately i asked God, “What’s going on?” 

He replied, “You’re no longer excited.”

When He said that, immediately I was in tears. I felt in my heart that something in me needed to shift and it had to happen quickly. So I began to search myself, what killed my excitement? What did I allow to get in the way of me being excited by everything God does? I couldn’t find the root quick enough, so to stir up my excitement, I began to remember my reason for singing, I started to remember my journey, my processes, where i came from and where I am at today. My heart started to beat as if it were the war drums leading an army to war. And to war was where I was headed. 

Your battles will never be in the physical realm but they’ll take place in the spiritual realm. The war i headed to was the war against being stagnant, a war over my passion, and a war over my love for my Father. The place I was at, this loss of excitement, was a place that two years ago was unimaginable. In the heat of this moment, I felt the need to pick at myself, to point out the flaws in my character and tear myself down. But I felt God’s love rush me like a wave, telling me “get up, dust yourself off, keep going.” After that all guilt and all shame became covered by perfect love. 

Don’t lose your excitement. The war over your excitement is far greater than any war you’ll fight. If you lose your excitement you’ve lost your dream. Keep pressing onward, don’t allow anything in your heart that will hinder how excited you’ll be over the end result of your dreams and always allow room for growth and new things.


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