Make time for family!


This has been a real struggle in my life, making time to spend with my family. I’ve missed countless events due to me prioritizing work or friends. In the Filipino culture your family goes above and beyond for you. This is especially apparent in my family. Since my parents divorce I’ve been living with other relatives and every year it seems as if my life gets busier and busier and I am always on the go. These last few years I’ve learned that at the end of the day, my family is there for me. Through hours of pointless arguments, tedious chore lists, and the fact that they all have their crazy moments, they are there for me unconditionally.

My cousin from New York came home for a visit and I was really bummed out when i found out because I already planned my SF/Sacramento trip. On Sunday we agreed that tonight, Monday, would be a family night, We’d eat a great dinner and spend some quality time together. And that is exactly what we did. I came home to my uncle and younger brother cooking, We had amazing baked potatoes, a great plate of vegetables, and some ribs. Dinner was a success.

Shortly after dinner we played monopoly and I won. The game lasted for quite sometime and that is the cause of my blog post being so late. The game started off really intense, I was behind by a lot basically at the bottom, But i ended up winning the game due to my excellent strategic monopoly playing.  It was a great night

I am very glad that i spent this time with them, being so busy isn’t always good, I am glad to be back at work, I am hoping my development into the next position hurries already. 


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