Today’s daily prompt is Predictions, there are 344 remaining days in the year, what will i be doing on day 211?

Day 211 is going to be July 30th, A bittersweet day, In Stockton the summer is cruel with the heat only rising until the end of September. It is a little hard to predict what I will be doing on that day because it is the middle of the week. Since being out of school, I’ve felt like summer break has yet to end, so i know that this summer I do plan on spending time investing in my friends. 

Summer is a great time to make friends, the days are long and the nights are loud. With everyone being out of school plans feel like they pop up more than ads on hulu plus. I am hoping to be at a new store by then as a supervisor hopefully on the way to an assistant store manager. Hoping to weigh 150lbs by then with a bench press of 225. Dreaming big, doing what it takes to achieve it! 


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