Mirror, Mirror


Today’s daily prompt looks real interesting and kind of challenging. More of a way to open more doors of the mind of Jonathan Dumlao


“Look in the mirror, does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in your appearances?”

Currently I am wearing some home made custom skinny jean shorts, a random v neck, and a size medium zip up hoodie. This attire is different than what I’d normally wear and I did wear this in public only because I went on a 10 mile bike ride today. The man in the mirror looks tired and that is how i feel on the inside. Tired and in need of some inspiration, in need of new scenery, and in desperate need to be motivated. On the outside I seem perfectly content with my season of singleness but on the inside I am conflicted, learning day by day to say no to my desires to dating and saying yes to my desire to better myself and learn so that I may grow into the man i desire to be for my future wife. 

As far as the stock i put into personal appearance, I invest a lot into appearance. A saying that i live my life by is “Every opportunity is an opportunity to look cute.” I am constantly wanting my clothes to fit perfectly paying too much attention to the details of the outfit and not enough attention the people I try to impress with the outfit. I really do enjoy looking at myself in a mirror and taking selfies even if I am the only person who sees them. I wouldn’t say I’ve crossed the line into an unhealthy level of vanity because I don’t stare at myself all day, but I do feel better when I can look into the mirror and be completely satisfied with my outfit and especially my hair. I take great pride in my hair, I feel like i have a beautiful head of hair with great volume and style. 

This daily prompt is helping me to become aware of how much attention I give my appearance and shining a light on my truest insecurity. It’s uncomfortable for me to go into public If I don’t have ample time to get dressed. The only place I make an exception to this rule is when I am headed to the gym. 

This topic is rough for me tonight, it could be the bike ride taking a toll physically on my body or it could be that my mind is too blinded by vanity to do any deep thinking on this subject. My word of advice that I can give you from my life that i live out is that be happy with yourself and take pride in how you look. Today i was at work at I made a comment on a customer that came in who had a great smile and one of my coworkers said “Really? She has hairy arms.” And immediately I was not happy with my coworker. We must never feel the need to tear someone down in order to feel better about ourselves. Many of our problems are caused simply because how we think and how we view ourselves. The way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you. Treat yourself well, Enjoy yourself, and don’t waste your time trying to look like someone you’re not. And what I am not saying is that you need to be full of conceit but when you look in the mirror, look at yourself through the lenses of love. The amount of love you treat yourself with is the amount of love you’re allowing others to treat you with. 


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