nerd mode


Lately I’ve been obsessed with all things Middle Earth and Skyrim. This is where the tires meet the pavement for all arguments I’ve ever had about video games not being negative. The game Skyrim is a role playing game where you are a character who has the blood of dragons and is pretty much a human dragon. Swords, Shields. and Dragon Slaying that to me sounds like a fantasy but through Skyrim that fantasy is closer to reality. In the same way a book takes you on an adventure, this is one of those games that does the same. A limitless adventure with 200+ hours of game play. What is cool about this game is that you create any character you want, there are no limits to the possibilities of characters you can create. The downside is that with every character you’d have to start the game over.

My friend Jackson and I were discussing the game and Jackson is the type of guy who always throws out challenges which works in my favor because I am the guy who always accepts challenges, His challenge was to create a character and designate the type of fighter this character would be, Sword and Shield, Thief, Mage, Archer, Etc. Along with limitless characters, your attributes and strengths are too limitless which is amazing. 

The character I created is a tiger looking thing named after The Legendary Pokemon, Raikou. This should be a fun adventure.

On another note, I had a photo shoot today which went pretty well. It was kind of random and unexpected but I had fun none the less. The photos will be up as soon as my friend sends them to me. Also today i came to the realization that I haven’t had a good sit where I am lost inside the story of the book. I am looking for the Lord of The Rings collection to read since my nerding out over it is far from being over. So if my blog posts start to have old words and talk like I am in the medieval ages, it is because of my obsession with Lord of the Rings and Skyrim. 


One thought on “nerd mode

  1. If you’re getting into skyrim check out my blog that journals my latest character and his adventures! (note the 1st every isn’t the greatest, still has writer rust. )

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