Growing Up


Today I saw a quote on my feed that said “you ain’t growing up if you ain’t losing friends.” It was such a harsh quote but there is so much truth in this statement. We often mistake growing old for growing up but maturity isn’t defined by age but by the ability to hold off self gratification with the intent of prioritizing the important things.

While the statement about losing friends is harsh, it is so true. In our schooling years we encounter many people. People who share the same interests, people who we are forced to be around, and people who we have no idea why they’re our friend but it works. Every person in your group has a destiny of their own, dreams if their own, and plans of their own. Maturity is being ok with the effects of an adult life, job, family, and other responsibilities. Some people we meet decide that there is no direction for their life and choose to bring others down that path. Growing up and losing friends isn’t a matter of bickering but of different Interests. A friend who wants to live an average life won’t inspire you or motivate to press forward. Some times cutting off a friendship is the difference between finding your spouse or not. Your life is too valuable to allow people to hold you back.


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