Dealing with Heartbreak


Heartbreak, it’s not the most pleasant thing for a person to go through and it’s not easily avoided. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaking moments and I’ve learned that the defining point if heartbreak is what happens after, what you do next.

To completely avoid your heart from breaking is to live a life without risk. To live a mediocre life in where there is no possibility of a high moment or a low moment. While this sounds so dull, people do live like this and the only thing that excites them is when their local barista gives them smiley face on their coffee cup.

When you’re living a life of achieving great things you’re also living a life of great risk. Recently Diana Nyad, at the age of 64, became the first person to swim from Cuba to the shores of Key West in Florida. It was a grueling 53 hour swim through waters infested with sharks and jellyfish. This was a goal she had for 35 years that she completed on her fifth attempt. Her first four attempts were unsuccessful in the sight of the goal but they were leading experiences for her. The first time she went with a giant cage to protect her from sharks but it didn’t protect against jellyfish. She gave up the dream. For the next 35 years she was sitting on her dream. Something triggered in her and she started training again, the next three attempts we all learning experiences involving jellyfish stings, weather conditions, and her body’s physical condition. At last her fifth attempt was successful.

When you let heartbreak become the force that stops your dreams, you end up sitting on your dream for 35 years. Diana Nyad gave up after the first attempt but after the second, third, and fourth she didn’t. I shared her story not to pick at the fact that she waited until she was 60 to do something so epic or gave up for 35 years but I share it with you so you can be inspired. If a 64 year old woman can swim that far, what can you do? She has proven that your age is simply a number not a limitation. Imagine the possibilities if she had not given up after the first attempt.

We all experience heartbreak, don’t let it confine you, but when it happens aim to come out of the other side stronger so that you can defined by your strengths.


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