Focus Shift


This weeks schedule has been a little crazy, our store in the last three weeks has lost 4 people and it has definitely been weird. A lot of these people are night shift people and I am one of those flexible ones so my shifts are everywhere. And a lot of my shifts this week are nights. My church has an event this Wednesday night and last week my boss was on vacation so she posted the schedule early so I couldn’t request the day off. After confirming we are playing for worship I immediately put all my attention in switching my shift. No one at my store could do it and it was almost stressing me out. I ran out of options. So I prayed, and God came through with a brilliant idea. That store I worked at last week I needed to get my tips from there and I told my friend who was working and immediately a girl from across the room yelled “I’ll take it!”

God is good! Most of the time we spend too much time focused on our problems that we don’t see any solutions. Today I shifted my focus onto the goodness of God and within 10 minutes everything was solved. When tomorrows problems come your way, focus your mind on solutions rather than the size of the problem and you’ll see those problems disappear.


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