On Sunday I downloaded an app that makes me feel like a graphic designer. I feel as far as art goes anything with shapes and colors are not my thing. But this app has easily allowed me to create cool designs and I feel that I’ve made some pretty cool ones.

So far this week I’ve been so energetic in helping people create their own sources of revenue. I have one friend who makes really great pies and her and I are working on getting her into a small at home business making pies. And also I have another friend who would love to be a dog sitter. I feel like these are the things that inspire me. I am Inspired by inspiring others. It’s a great feeling and the only thing I ask is that they believe in themselves and stay committed.

As for me, I feel like I am in the beginning stages of getting to my dream. I am currently working on getting a team together consisting of creators, actors, musicians, producers, and so much more.

Also, I created a little design to use for my blog. Let me know what you all think.





These last few weeks I’ve been in a battle in my mind. This battle is the battle of isolation. A backstory about me is I used to isolate myself when things were going wrong, I used to not talk to anyone and over the course of these last few years I’ve been able to overcome it.

One of my good friends is really social, she is constantly wanting to be surrounded by people and is always ready to introduce herself to others. She’s constantly talking to people through text or calls and other social networks. Looking at this I began to compare my life to hers. I told her that as far as hanging out with people, I don’t hang out with a lot. Some weeks she is the only person I have plans to hang out with. I looked at my friends and as far as close friends I know three off the top of my head. These three are the people who know me the best and I’ve invested a lot of time into them as well. And this is when the battle began. I learned a little about life relationships vs. functional relationships. These three friends of mine are the most definite example of life relationships in my life along with a handful of others who are in my inner circle. But I began to panic because I am so used to having functional relationships because one of my problems in life is that I have a desire to always be functioning. I love being busy. I enjoy schedules that are back to back and almost nonstop. Being out of school, I’ve lost that busyness and those functional activities that force me to be surrounded by people.

Where am I going with this? I’ve come to find out, through an online test, that I am an introvert. And I don’t say this as an excuse to distance myself from people. But I say this so you can have a better understanding of who I am and why I do things. Although I am an introvert I don’t distance myself from community. Community is an important part of life because in isolation you are vulnerable to anything. In community you have people to help strengthen you. In my life I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to be in constant communication with more than five people. This isn’t because I don’t care about people but my mind can really only focus on a few people at a time. But this doesn’t limit me to only having five people in my life. I do also talk to people outside of them. And there are those moments where I have a short conversation with some people or someone will want to talk to me and I do talk to them. But as far as me initiating conversation it’s only a few at a time.

I say all this to emphasize community and show that no matter your personality, introvert or extrovert, we all need community. People help you to grow as well as people need you to grow. We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses but together we are strong.

Please let me know if bi-weekly posts are better than daily or vice versa. Feedback is also welcome. And if any of my readers have a topic they’d like to hear my thoughts on or if you want to discuss anything comment here or contact me via email jonathandumlao@gmail.com or tweet me @jonathandumlao. Also I’m gonna work on a catch phrase to end all my posts with because to a few of my friends I am “The King of One Liners.”

Star Wars


Today my friend Laura and I went to San Jose to visit the Star Wars exhibit. This exhibit contained all of the of the original models of the ships and props from the movies. I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan but I geek out over this stuff like the next person. We also got to explore the tech museum. Here are some pictures.













How have my blogs been doing? How’s the content been?

I feel as of recently it’s been hard for me to find the time in the day to write especially when the last few times I’ve fallen asleep the moment I get home. One thing I’d hate to do is deliver a post that I couldn’t fully put all my heart into.

A solution to this is that I may have to post two to three times a week instead of everyday. This will allow my posts to have better quality and it’ll be more thought out. I’d love to write one everyday but recently it has gotten hard. The daily prompts make it easy but sometimes it is hard for me to create an encouraging message out of them.

Problem Solving


One of the things that I feel separates people in the area of competence is the ability to think on your feet. In other words the ability to solve a problem when one randomly occurs.

Before you think this is a rant about people, it is not. I am not going to use any names or situations but I will just be helping you get strategy for when problems arise.

Thinking on your feet doesn’t mean you’re the smartest person in the room but it does require you to be logical with out the fear of failure. There is this show I watched on Netflix and it was called “The IT Guys” they were the computer technicians of some corporate building. When ever someone would call with a problem they Answered the phone saying “IT, did you check of it was plugged in? Have you tried turning it off and then on?” Computers are exciting, sometimes getting a new computer is so exciting you forget to plug something in then you think something is wrong with it.

Precision is more valuable than speed. Be precise about the things you do and the projects you take on. This is a crucial thing because the more precise you are means that the chances of problems occurring are cut down.

There is always a solution. We live in a time where we have access to an infinite amount of knowledge. We have smart phones that are more advanced than some computers. We have data plans which are faster than any coffee shops free wifi. And most importantly, we have google. Google is a verb it is the act of someone using google. Google also owns YouTube and between those two resources you can find articles about anything in the world and watch a video about anything. All your problems can be solved if you google it.



Today my wonderful kelsie had her debut. This is a giant celebration in the Filipino culture for when a woman turns 18.


First, I’m so proud of her! From being on the volleyball team to leading worship on Sundays she manages her life well and I am excited for her future.

During a debut, the debutant will have a father daughter dance similar to ones in a wedding. In a wedding the dance often says “this is my last dance with my daughter before she is released to be the completion of another mans life.” This dance on the other, until now had little to no meaning in my heart.

During Kelsie’s dance with her father I watched then my watching became one of those zoned out blank stares (this is often how I think). While I sat there thinking about the dance and it’s importance I thought about how significant this dance is. This dance between the father and daughter is significant because first it’s an assurance of love. If a daughter does not have the assurance of her fathers love then her loving people will be hindered. Second it’s an assurance of trust. A trust that says “you’ll always be my daughter, I’ll always be your father.” It used to be when you turned 18 you were old enough to be your own person, these days in society that is not practical. But this dance represents a special trust to be that person.

I remember when this all came to my mind I was brought to tears. If there is one thing I’ve learned from her father is to talk less and listen more. I’ve gotten to experience all three sisters be debutants and with all three I’ve seen their father remain the same kind, loving, and thoughtful dad. I’ve seen him sternly discipline them as well as sacrifice his sleep so that they can have friends over. He truly represents the Father well and is definitely a role model in my life.



I’d like to first apologize about not posting yesterday for those who consistently read my posts. I planned to write this out on my iPhone but before i could make out the first word I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, 11pm, and I attempted to write but my efforts were futile and I was only awake for what seemed to be 1 minute. I remember getting a phone call but I had no idea what was said or if I had agreed to anything I’d regret. With all that said, here I am! Ready. 

Since Wednesday I feel as if my brains engine stalled. I’ve noticed that my level of motivation has been on the negative side and I’ve yet to find out the reason. I almost feel lost in a way. I feel as if everything I desired I no longer do. I feel like these situations in which I’d planned to go in my favor and take me places have taken negative turns. 

Through this slump I know there is much to learn. Tomorrow is always a new day and I know that my best days are still ahead of me. Every day will be better than the last. If any of you are feeling similar to how I’ve been feeling i want to encourage you to take a step back and see from a birds eye view the situations of your life. Your problems are never too big to overcome. 

For me, rest, I feel like my mind has not been at rest or at peace since i left those interviews. I remember praying this prayer before my interview on Wednesday, “God, what ever you have for me I want, this (interview) does not define who I am.” Always remember, your situations don’t define who you are.