How was January for you? For me, it was an excellent month full of eye opening experiences. I’ve realized that we have to constantly be aware of everything in our lives. This month my eyes have been opened to many things that I allowed in to enter my life through stagnancy and now I am removing them allowing life to be even more smooth. I feel like a few burdens have been lifted and that my mind is even more peaceful.

I am excited for this month. I’ve got plenty of ideas for this month. I’ve been brainstorming ideas on how I can make solid steps on pursuing my dreams. There is an internship in a studio that has been brought to my attention and the biggest pro about this is that I get to learn more about producing, mixing, and mastering with out having to spend a massive amount of money. There are other things as well that I don’t want to talk about because I am not sure about them yet. 

Life is a constant journey full of ups and downs. Be joyful in the highs and even more joyful in the lows because every situation in life, good or bad, will make you a stronger person. 


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