Words Create Worlds


Life is beautiful. 

One thing that breaks my heart is when people are so full of self-hatred that any compliment given to them cannot be taken but often times it is translated as an offensive gesture with the common response “why would you say that?”, “No I am not, I am hideous.” And I don’t believe these people are to blame for the way they translate what their eyes see and what their ears hear. For me, growing up was not a walk in the park. I was never told I’d be great at anything, I was never told I was worth anything, and most importantly I was never told that I was loved. My heart had a void, and it misinterpreted every kind gesture given to me. The voice is the most powerful instrument in the world and words are the most harmful weapon. While a bullet will kill you, negative words will consume you leaving you in a constant state of internal suffering. It breaks my heart when I see children in public being called “stupid.” An anger stirs inside of me wanting to punch the father or mother doing it. Words create worlds. 

I had an uncle one time call me stupid three times in the course of 2 minutes. I’ve had teachers call me “smart but lazy.” I’ve had co-workers call me slow. These all created how my mind interpreted the world around me. When ever I’d enter a class the only thing i knew how to do was to sit there and beat myself up internally saying “why even learn this if I am just going to fail?” I got to a point in my life where i believed I was lazy and stupid until one day at community college. There was a prayer tent that went by the name of “carpe diem” and I talked to a woman under that tent and asked for prayer. Her and this other man prayed for me and what she told me next was how my life turned around. She said that she saw a word over me, “intelligent” and she began to pray over me and break off word curses from my life. That day when i went to class I felt purpose. I started to see a turn around in how I did in my studies and i was amazed at how much I actually learned in school. 

As for my coworkers calling me slow, in my job, speed of service is a major factor in the full aspect of customer service. My coworkers never believed in me and my first few bosses didn’t either. I remember one time the phrase being said “Oh Jon is here, yeah we aren’t getting fast times in drive thru today.” And i began to be angry. I believed i was slow and never tried at my job until one day when my fourth manager, Jason, asked for me to go to the back room, sat me down and asked, “why have I had a super barista working for me this whole time?” I didn’t know what he was talking about, he had my file in his hand and he opened it to a section where all our awards are kept. He started reading some of them and even a major award of recognition from our district manager and he said “You’ve been hiding under my radar, now that i know this I want to see you show it to me when all these new people begin to work.” From that moment on I began seeing a shift in my work, I began to believe i was good, I began to pursue bettering myself in my job and now I am on my way to promotion. 

To a person who’s primary love language is words of affirmation, negative words do ten times the damage. There are still wounds in my heart that I am healing from all from words being spoken over me. My goal of this post tonight is to make you aware of the power of a word in hopes that you’d share a positive word with someone. Life is to beautiful to cloud it with negativity. Take time to tell you peers how much you appreciate them. Take time to honor someone in a position above you by complimenting his/her work. Most importantly take time to tell yourself how great you are and the great things you’re destined to do. 


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