Inspire the Uninspired


A core value of mine is to leave a positive impact on every persons life I come across. This became a core value in my life when I realized I love people and that through my love for people I’d never want to see someone in a place they don’t belong or in a mood that isn’t theirs.

Today I was able to sit with a coworker and simply talk. We had a great conversation about our new store and how we feel our team quality is growing and quantity is shrinking. Through out the conversation I would analyze the way she talked about herself and the way she feels she’s being treated by our manager and fellow partners. The conversation took a really sharp turn with it ending at me wanting to help boost her self image and to renew her mind from the negative thoughts she has in her head about herself. I am really excited for her future and how much of life she is going to be able to enjoy without the burden of self hatred.

The reason it’s so important to me for people to have a great image of themselves is because to the extent you love yourself is the extent you’ll love someone else and allow someone to love you. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves then through those negative thoughts we will interpret any interaction with any human being.

I want to challenge you, for one whole day, to not agree with any negative thought you have. Meaning not allowing yourself to think negative of yourself to proclaim the truth about the awesomeness you were created to be!


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