I’d like to first apologize about not posting yesterday for those who consistently read my posts. I planned to write this out on my iPhone but before i could make out the first word I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, 11pm, and I attempted to write but my efforts were futile and I was only awake for what seemed to be 1 minute. I remember getting a phone call but I had no idea what was said or if I had agreed to anything I’d regret. With all that said, here I am! Ready. 

Since Wednesday I feel as if my brains engine stalled. I’ve noticed that my level of motivation has been on the negative side and I’ve yet to find out the reason. I almost feel lost in a way. I feel as if everything I desired I no longer do. I feel like these situations in which I’d planned to go in my favor and take me places have taken negative turns. 

Through this slump I know there is much to learn. Tomorrow is always a new day and I know that my best days are still ahead of me. Every day will be better than the last. If any of you are feeling similar to how I’ve been feeling i want to encourage you to take a step back and see from a birds eye view the situations of your life. Your problems are never too big to overcome. 

For me, rest, I feel like my mind has not been at rest or at peace since i left those interviews. I remember praying this prayer before my interview on Wednesday, “God, what ever you have for me I want, this (interview) does not define who I am.” Always remember, your situations don’t define who you are. 


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