Today my wonderful kelsie had her debut. This is a giant celebration in the Filipino culture for when a woman turns 18.


First, I’m so proud of her! From being on the volleyball team to leading worship on Sundays she manages her life well and I am excited for her future.

During a debut, the debutant will have a father daughter dance similar to ones in a wedding. In a wedding the dance often says “this is my last dance with my daughter before she is released to be the completion of another mans life.” This dance on the other, until now had little to no meaning in my heart.

During Kelsie’s dance with her father I watched then my watching became one of those zoned out blank stares (this is often how I think). While I sat there thinking about the dance and it’s importance I thought about how significant this dance is. This dance between the father and daughter is significant because first it’s an assurance of love. If a daughter does not have the assurance of her fathers love then her loving people will be hindered. Second it’s an assurance of trust. A trust that says “you’ll always be my daughter, I’ll always be your father.” It used to be when you turned 18 you were old enough to be your own person, these days in society that is not practical. But this dance represents a special trust to be that person.

I remember when this all came to my mind I was brought to tears. If there is one thing I’ve learned from her father is to talk less and listen more. I’ve gotten to experience all three sisters be debutants and with all three I’ve seen their father remain the same kind, loving, and thoughtful dad. I’ve seen him sternly discipline them as well as sacrifice his sleep so that they can have friends over. He truly represents the Father well and is definitely a role model in my life.


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