Saying “No”


This last month has been a roller coaster for my emotions and my mental capacity. There is a new Starbucks opening up in town and it is the same parking lot as my gym. From the moment i saw that it was being built i said that i would do anything it took to get to that Starbucks, even if i had to prophetically claim it and name it. Two weeks ago, a sudden feeling came upon me and i had the urge to ask when the store was opening, who the manager was, and talk to my boss about transferring. I was able to talk to my boss and she knows that there are no hard feelings between her and I but I really want to be at this new one. If you’ve been following my blog you’d know that I am working on a promoting inside the company i work for. The manager at this new store is one of the top managers in the district. When I went to the interview for the position she was the only manager who thought i wasn’t ready. Her reasons for this had nothing to do with how hard I work but it has everything to do with how I can coach our team and I understood her and was ready to work on it. 

Last week, my manager, after knowing how much I really want to transfer, was approached by her boss and was asked to ask if i wanted a promotion inside the store, I wouldn’t have to transfer and I’d be promoted. When she approached me with this, i felt my stomach drop and all appetite was lost, and the fear of man tried to come upon me. I knew that saying no would put a void on all the work that I put in this last year. At that moment I knew that the most important thing for me wasn’t my position but my placement. I said “No” to the promotion. The reason why is because this new store is 8 minutes away from my house, and right next to my church, and gym. 

Saying “No” can be more important than saying “Yes” because your “no” lets people know that you have feelings, Your “no” helps keep the things that you cherish with you and the things that hinder you away. When it comes to your dreams and your goals, you cannot allow anything to hinder you, One of my goals for 2014 is to gain 25 lbs in muscle, I cannot achieve that goal if i don’t go to the gym. I am very particular about the times i go to the gym and between the hours of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. you will not see me there because the crowd is obnoxious and people are messy. 


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