15 Things I Learned From Working At Starbucks


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Paulo Guilherme NetoPaulo Guilherme Neto

The customer is always right

You might think this is quite obvious and broad since its the rule of thumb in customer service, but the extent of customers being wrong and totally off target is probably 1 in 3. Most people who come in don’t know what exactly is it they want, so double checking their orders is a must. Thing is, even if they say their drink wrong, asking for impossible drinks, and making up random drinks that we have no idea how to make and or is not on the menu, one must always say yes. Most importantly is to not make the customer sound like he/she doesn’t know what the hell they’re trying to buy.

Make the customer happy

Similar to number 1, Starbucks is a big company. It can afford you to remake drinks and give away free drinks all the time. So…

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